FAQ - SmartMobile


My Package

  1. What are the SmartMobile SIM Only packages?

    SmartDeal 1GB – R249 (R100 Airtime & 1GB data)

    SmartDeal 2GB – R349 (R100 Airtime & 2GB data)

    SmartData 1GB – R149 ( 1GB data only)

    SmartData 2GB – R249 ( 2GB data only)

  2. How do I cancel or change my subscription?

    To change or cancel your subscription for the following month, you can either call customer service (086 000 9579) or visit the My Subscription page.

Money Stuff

  1. What are the SmartMobile rates?
    • Voice Rate: R0.99 per minute at any time, to any network!
    • Data Rate: R0.99 per MB in and out of bundle.
  2. How will I be billed?
    • A recurring debit order is setup on your account based on the value of your selected package. If you decide to end your relationship with us for the following month, you need to call customer support on 086 000 9579 and stop the debit order. 
  3. Can I recharge?
    • You are able to recharge using a rand-value Cell C recharge voucher. Dial *102*recharge voucher pin# and convert this to data by dialing *140# and select option 2.
  4. Does my value roll over?
    • Any unused airtime and/or data do not roll over and is forfeited 30 days after recharge.
  5. How do I check my account balance?
    • Dial *140# and select option 1.
  6. How do I find my invoices and statement?
    • Invoices are emailed to customer between the 20th and 25th of every month.
    • Statements are only processed upon request and you will need to call 0860 009579 to request this action.
  7. Can I dial internationally?
    • International calls are not supported at this time.


  1. What is my SIM connection fee?
    • You do not have to pay for any SIM connection.
  2. How do I RICA my SmartMobile SIM?
    • Upon delivery of your SmartMobile SIM card, you will need to have the following documents with you: The original, valid proof of residence, a copy of the proof of residence, a copy of a valid identity document and also the physical valid identity document.
  3. What is proof of residence?
    • A proof of residence can be one of the following documents:
    1. Bank statement (less than 3 months old)
    2. Municipal statement (less than 3 months old)
    3. Retail account statement (less than 3 months old)
    4. Insurance policy
    5. Existing rental lease or credit agreement
    6. Current TV licence
    7. Current car licence
  4. What is an identity document?
    • An identity document can be one of the following documents:
    1. Green bar-coded ID document
    2. Smart ID
    3. Temporary ID certificate issued by Home Affairs
    4. Passport
    • Important note: A driver’s license is NOT an acceptable form of ID for RICA.
  5. How do I activate my SIM card?
    • Upon receipt of your SIM card, you will need to call us on 0860 009579 to provide the sim serial number (found on the back of your sim card). Activation takes up to 3 business days.
  6. What do I do if my SIM is lost, stolen or damaged?
    • You must report the lost SIM to our customer services department on 086 000 9579 or via customerservice@ismart.co.za. We will place a SIM card order, with your approval, and deliver it to you within 3-5 business days. Once you receive the new SIM card, you will need to contact the customer services department, so that we can process the SIM swap.

  7. What will I be charged to replace my SIM?
    • You will be charged R139. This fee is to cover the cost of delivery of the new SIM card.
  8. What does SIM soft lock mean?
    • Soft locking means you will be unable to make any outgoing calls, send SMSs or access the internet, but are able to receive incoming calls and SMSs.

  9. How do I receive my voicemails?
    • Dial 144 and follow the voice prompts to retrieve any voicemail message.

  10. Is SmartMobile a mobile network?
    • Yes, SmartMobile is an MVNO: mobile virtual network operator – it operates independently in terms of product offering, billing, operations, brand and logistics. As an MVNO, SmartMobile purchases its products at wholesale rates from Cell C and utilises its infrastructure.
    • SmartMobile also roams on the Vodacom network. Based on signal strength, and your phone’s settings, you will automatically switch between Cell C and Vodacom. To guarantee the best connectivity, ensure that both your voice and data roaming settings are enabled. Roaming on the Vodacom network comes at no extra charge to the SmartMobile customer!
  11. How long does it take for a SIM swap take to be processed/activated?
    • A SIM swap is processed and activated within 2-3 business days.

  12. How do you check your balance, send a call back or convert data on a SmartMobile SIM card?
    • Dial *140# from your handset which contains your SmartMobile SIM card

      1. Select option 1 to check balances.
      2. Select option 2 to convert data.
  13. How long does it take for escalated network (MTN, Cell C, Vodacom) queries to be resolved?
    • Escalated network queries are resolved within 2 business days by the relevant network.

  14. How soon after my contract has been activated can I expect my first airtime or data allocation?
    • After the contract application has been approved and activated, the first airtime or data allocation happens within 1-2 business days.

  15. How long does it take for my SIM to be activated once delivered?
    • Once delivered, you can expect your SIM to be activated within 1-3 business days.